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Rich Zei -Engineer/Producer/Mixer

The music bug bit me quite early. As a young child growing up in the early 70’s my musical education was steeped in the classics. My earliest musical memories were listening to the sounds from my parents record player. The White Album. The Tommy Soundtrack from The Who. Music from Big Pink, Jan and Deen, The Beach Boys, The Soundtrack album for the Movie HAIR were all part of the soundtrack of my earliest memories.

In the Spring of 1977 it all changed. The kid that lived across the street from me got his first KISS record (KISS Alive) and the world changed. I heard Rock and Roll and it all became clear. I devoured the liner notes, I knew who Eddie Kramer, and Bob Ezrin, and Corky Stasiak and Jay Messina were as well or better than I knew Big Bird and Mr. Rodgers.

As I got older I received records as gifts from my older Uncles and became fascinated by the soundscapes that albums like 2112, Dog and Butterfly, The Wall and Tommy had to offer along with the driving rock aggression of Destroyer, Rocks and Billion Dollar Babies.

In May of 1984 at the ripe old age of not quite 14 I purchased the record that set me on this path…SHOUT AT THE DEVIL (along with Talas’ seminal High Speed on Ice and Van Halen 2) from Rainbow Records in Park Ridge Il. and I have not looked back.

During my early teens I played bass in many nameless local bands, but was always drawn to the sound and lighting crews working at the clubs and theaters in and around our local music scene. Later I went to work for several of these sound companies and worked my way up to the position of Head Sound Engineer.

Take a listen to what I do and enjoy. If you are in need of production assistance in the studio or live please use the contact page and drop me a line.

My motto has always been, “From Punk to Funk, It’s all music to my ears!” 

Jordan CeCe

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Julie CeCe - Studio Manager

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